You know when you’re watching a movie and there’s that actor who’s face you recognise, but you don’t know his name? Well this blog is a part of a series, dedicated to the greatest of the unknown, the “that guy” actors. David Morse is known as a respected supporting character actor and second lead. Who’s impressive resume defiantly earns him a spot in my list. This underrated actor is known to play either loveable nice guys  or hateable douches. whos-that-actor-david-morse-5 As of 2016 he’s had roles in 50 films and more than 25 Tv series, although it took him 10 years of performing on stage before he managed to break into film. His first Tv role was in St Elsewhere as Dr Jack Morrison, but his first big screen appearance was in Director Sean Penns The Indian Runner. David’s prolific roles have been in all genres of movies such as in World War Z where he’s an Ex CIA Agent. Morse steals the show as Mike Webster, the brain damaged football player in the biography Concussion. In Director Terry Gilliam’s Twelve Monkeys he’s the incredibly creepy Dr Peters. He’s the eerie neighbour in the thriller Disturbia, while filming Morse slammed his hand into a wall and broke three fingers, but ignored the injury and said he was ok to continue filming, this really intimidated Shia LaBeouf, making Dave a legend in my books! whos-that-actor-david-morse-1 In the action thriller The Rock, Morse plays Major Tom Braxter, Ed Harris second in command. He played Jodie Fosters father Ted Arroway, in the Sci-Fi drama Contact. In The thriller Hurt Locker Morse has a quick but memorable appearance as the impressed Colonel. He has a part as Nicolas Cage’s old friend Webster, in the action thriller Drive Angry. In the Fantasy Horror Horns he’s Dale Williams the father of the murdered girlfriend. He makes an appearance as the adult version of Bobby Garfield in Stephen Kings mystery, Hearts in Atlantis. In The Long Kiss Goodnight Morse plays Daedalus the head of a terrorist syndicate, He’s the airline representative Mr Arkin in the mystery romance Passengers. In True Detective he makes an appearance as the yoga lecturer Eliot Bezraidies, Rachel McAdams father. Morse plays Detective Frank Nugent the leader of the corrupt cops in 16 Blocks, and he has a recurring role on season 3 of House MD as Police detective Michael Tritter. whos-that-actor-david-morse-3 Now after reading this, you can see why you probably recognise him! David Morse is one of those unforgettable actors, who deserves a lot more attention than Hollywood gives him. When it comes to his acting ability, he’s a force of nature. I personally don’t think there is nothing wrong with been a supporting actor, but he barely gets recognised or nominated for any awards. So now that you know who he is, when you see his face on the screen, you can say Oh it’s David Morse! whos-that-actor-david-morse-2 Thanks for reading, and  leave a comment in the comments section down below on which role of David’s is your favourite, and if you have any suggestions for more “that guy actors”, please let me know.

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