In the 1990’s Val Kilmer was an A-list star. He starred in most of the top grossing films and even played batman! But from around 2005 onwards he’s pretty much disappeared from the big screen, where he’s had no leading roles within any Hollywood movies for the past 10 years. So why is this?


Well He’s known to be hard to work with.

Stories of Val Kilmer’s bad attitude first appeared around the movie,  the Island of Dr. Moreau. Dr MorOw Where arguments regarding creative differences lead to the firing of the movies original director Richard Stanley, three days into filming;

The replacement director John Frankenheimer, who fared no better with Kilmer, later said, “There are two things I will never ever do in my whole life: I will never climb Mt. Everest, and I will never work with Val Kilmer ever again.” Actor Marlon Brando himself was on the director’s side, telling Kilmer he was “confusing his talents with the size of his pay check.”

Also Directors Oliver Stone and Joel Schumacher have reported similar difficulties with Val; during the making of Batman Forever Val stopped talking to Schumacher for two weeks, because the director had told him off for his verbal abuse towards a low ranking crew member.


He’s is infamous for turning down lots of good roles

He declined to return as Batman due to creative differences with Joel Schumacher. He turned down the role of Neo in the Matrix. In Crimson Tide he Turned down the lead role who was later played by Denzel Washington.

He backed out Collateral after being cast as Detective Fanning who was later played by Mark Ruffalo. In Interview with the Vampire he Turned down the role of Brad Pitt’s character Louis. In Blue Velvet he turned down the lead role of Jeffrey. He had a unspecified role in Dune. With Dirty Dancing he rejected the lead role of Patrick Swayze’s character Johnny Castle.

With Johnny Mnemonic he dropped out of the lead role which was later played by Keanu Reeves. For the movie A Time to Kill he turned down the lead role who was later played by Matthew McConaughey. And in Point Break he turned down the role of Johnny Utah later played by yet again Keanu Reeves. Another misstep came with 2000’s sci-fi box office flop, Red Planet. Around this time, Kilmer and his wife became divorced.


He’s put weight on!

From that time onward, Kilmer continued to take roles within lesser known films, followed by Val putting on a lot of weight! Val’s weight gain was a topic that everybody was talking about. He used to be in perfect shape but he gained so much weight that he started to get  pigeon-holed into appearing solely in fat-guy roles, like in Moscow Zero and Tony Scott’s Déjà Vu.


But His most recent issues have been with his throat.

Val started to wear scarves around his neck, to hide his tracheotomy tube. Back in October 2015 Val had taken to Facebook to deny that he was battling throat cancer, following rumours of ill health. He did, however, admit that an undisclosed procedure had left him with a ‘swelling.’

But as of September this year, he’s appeared to have lost all his extra weight, his tracheotomy tube is now gone and he’s looking healthy, and with the announcement of his appearance as Iceman in Top Gun 2 with Tom Cruise! Perhaps he might make a comeback!

As a fan, I hope he does!

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