For about twenty-seven years now, Denzel Washington has been one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. While many of his equal stars have seen their share of ups and downs, Denzel has been consistent, and appears to be growing in stature as time goes by. But with that been said, many of his movies have gone unjustly unnoticed and underrated, this is why I’ve created my top 5 Most underrated Denzel Washington movies.



Out of Time (2003)

Director: Carl Franklin

Out Of Time 2003Washington plays Matt Whitlock a respected small-town police chief, who is going through a divorce with his detective wife, Alex (Eva Mendes). After beginning an affair with Ann (Sanaa Lathan), but after finding out that she has terminal cancer, Matt pockets cash from a drugs bust to pay for her treatment. But when she dies in a suspicious fire, Matt finds himself accused of a double homicide and arson. It’s now a race against time to recover the cash and discover the truth behind the death of his lover.
This movie generates some nail-biting action, as Washington reveals shock, betrayal and panic as the pressure increasingly mounts.



The Siege (1998)

Director: Edward Zwick

The Siege (1998) 5 Underrated Denzel Washington Movies You Should SeeAfter the secret abduction by the US Military of a suspected terrorist leads to a wave of terrorist attacks in New York. Anthony Hubbard (Denzel), the head of the FBI’s Counter-Terrorism Task Force in New York. He teams up with CIA operative Elise Kraft (Annette Bening) to hunt down the terrorist cells thought responsible for these attacks. Their attempts to stop the terrorist fail and the US government responds by declaring martial law. This movie has solid acting from Willis playing the stone figured tyrant general and Washington as the ideal FBI agent.
Given its director also made The Last Samurai and blood diamond, if you haven’t seen this film give it a chance, although its not a masterpiece it’s still worth more than a 6.3 on IMDB.


The Manchurian Candidate (2004) 5 Underrated Denzel Washington Movies You Should SeeA retelling of the 1962 classic, Denzel plays Major Ben Marco, a Gulf War veteran who has recurring nightmares which cast light on disturbing memories of his past. His dreams involve an act of heroism by his comrade Sergeant Shaw, who is now in the running to becoming the vice president of the United States . Marco takes his fears to his military superiors, but no one is willing to listen to his story. Left to watch Shaws rise to power, Marco now has to battle against the Manchurian Global corporation, who are desperate to stop him.
This is an impressive and highly underrated movie, with the same director as the silence of lambs, this movie is a must see.



Unstoppable (2010)

Director: Tony Scott

Unstoppable (2010) 5 Underrated Denzel Washington Movies You Should SeeWhen a train yard mishap leaves an unmanned runaway locomotive moving at full speed. It’s down to veteran driver Frank Barnes played by Denzel and his inexperienced conductor Will Colson (Chris Pine) to stop it. This nail-biter kicks off with a big bursts of kinetic action almost right from the start and lasts for nearly the entire movie, it proves itself as one of the most entertaining action movies in recent years. Ever-reliable Denzel delivers a commanding performance, he shares a nice buddy chemistry with Chris Pine where the initial tension between the two gives way to mutual cooperation, and respect by the end of the film.
It is hard to believe that this currently has a score of 6.8 on IMDB, if action and escapism are your thing, then this is a movie for you.


Courage Under Fire (1996) 5 Underrated Denzel Washington Movies You Should SeeLt Colonel Nathaniel Serling (Denzel Washington) accidentally causes a friendly fire incident during the Gulf War. This mistake is later covered up by his superiors. Following the war, he is assigned to investigate the case of the late Captain Karen Walden (Meg Ryan), where her Medevac unit was attempting to rescue the crew of a downed helicopter, resulting in her death. But, as Serling interviews the members of Walden’s crew, he realises their stories about the incident don’t add up.
This movie depicts the terrors of war as well as the emotional aftermath that follows, which makes it a must watch in my books and with a score of 6.6 on IMDB makes it highly underrated.


Thanks for reading my selection of underrated Denzel Washington movies, what did you think? Are there any I missed that you thought should have made the list? Let me know in the comments below. If you have a chance, please check out my new Youtube channel Hyperdrive.

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