Movie trailers, from action to Drama to horror, they are the cornerstones of the film industry. Designed to whet your appetite for upcoming Movies, they can be very entertaining. But what happens when the trailers is as good if not better than the actual movie? This is why I made my list of the 10 trailers that were better than the movies. #10 #trailers #better #movies #10TrailersBetterThanMovie

The Counselor 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieMichael Fassbender, Penélope Cruz, Cameron Diaz, Javier Bardem and Brad Pitt all staring in a movie directed by the great Ridley Scott! Not only that, but this trailer has cool music, kool visuals and looks really solid. The movie on the other hand, just wasn’t that great if I’m honest ,it might been a lot better if the entire cast had gone over the top, but all the actors in this just felt awkward.


Lucy (2014)

Director: Luc Besson

Lucy 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThis trailer is badass, colourful and has some kick ass action scenes, although it pretty much spoils the entire movie, that not really a major problem as you’re not missing out on much. The entire movie plays out like the director was in a rush to do another project, but to give it credit, the editing was tight and at least it wasn’t boring.

47 Ronin 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThis trailer really made this movie look like a Japanese ninja matrix, with monsters, beautiful cinematography, amazing choreography and great special effects. But when you see the movie, the choreographies is unimaginatively shot and excessively edited, and the fantasy elements and lazily put together, leaving you will a rather dull movie.

GI Joe Retaliation 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThe trailer that made us think the sequel could actually be better than the 1st movie, with upbeat music, fast action and the Rock, Retaliation can’t go wrong, right? Well compared to the trailer, the movie action was mostly dull, with the only good bits, being the parts that were in the trailer! What’s left is an average action film with a cliché plot.

Quantum of Solace 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThe movie to follow-up on the successful Casino Royal, let’s just say this trailer did a great job of getting me hyped up for it! But unfortunately the movie fell a little flat when compared to its predecessor. There is no Q in “Quantum of Solace,” except for in the title and there was No Miss Moneypenny ! The Bond girl wasn’t as interesting as Eva Greens character and the villain was just average.

The Last AirBender 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThis trailer actually tricked me into thinking M Night Shyamalan could actually pull of something decent again, boy was I wrong. While the trailer looked promising, the movie failed to deliver to its fans, with little to no entertainment in this breathtakingly clueless mess. But on a plus side, it did make me laugh- but for all the wrong reasons.

Sucker Punch 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieWow, what a trailer, I must have watched it 50 times when it came out, I was so excited to see this film, by the creator of 300, this is probably one of my favourite trailers of all time. Unfortunately the movie didn’t work for me, Sucker Punch never gives its audience time to form a bond with its characters, as it jumps from one scene to another without any real cohesion.

Green Lantern 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieAs a comic book fan, this trailer gave me the impression that we were going to get a kick ass Green Lantern movie, it looked like it was going to have a good balance between action and plot, while been faithful to the comic. While the film had all the elements to make an exceptional movie, it felt like it needed a few rewrites, in order to be great. Unfortunately, Hollywood wasn’t patient enough to wait, and we were left with this green mess.

Snow White and the Huntsman 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThis trailer was so kool, Staring Chris Hemsworth and charlize Theron, with some epic looking fight scenes, amazingly detailed sets and slick special effects, this trailer made me think this movie was going to be unstoppable classic. But unfortunately it just turned out to be one, very long dull chase with a cliché princess on the run from her evil stepmoms minions.

Iron Man 3 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the MovieThis trailer looked AMAZING, It felt like the epic dark conclusion to the Iron Man trilogy, almost saying to the audience that Ironman could DIE. His resolve and ideals will be tested to their limits, and Ben Kingsley felt like a serious, ruthless villain. But In the end, the Mandarin was a joke, and the movie as a whole was disappointing, in particular to its climax and resolution. It had SOME redeeming qualities, like the humour and some fight scenes, but the trailer wins in my books.

Thanks for reading my top 10 Trailers That Were Better Than the Actual Movie, what did you think? Are there any movies I missed that you thought should have made the list? Let me know in the comments below. If you have a chance, please check out my New Youtube channel Hyperdrive.

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