If you are a new Anime fan, or just looking for something classic and old school, then look no further! Hyperdrives Classic Anime list is here. Given the diversity and longevity of anime as an artform, with its large catalogue of titles this was a hard list to make. I’ve tried to make it as balanced as possible, with a few predictable entries and hopefully some other titles people have no yet come across.

Here are HyperDrives 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must See.



Battle Angel Alita (1993)

Director: Hiroshi Fukutomi

Battle Angel Alita (1993) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Any serious anime fan will have a special place in their heart for Battle Angel Alita (Gunnm). The story  takes place in a distant post apocalyptic future. This is the story of a young cyborg Gally, who is found on a scrapheap by a Cyberdoctor called Daisuke Ido, who rebuilds her and becomes her surrogate father. Gally has no memory of her past, but soon displays extraordinary fighting skills. This anime has a similar story to Elysium staring Matt Damon, where everyone has an obsession to get up to the city in the sky, while the rest of the earth is a scrap yard.


Vampire Hunter D (1985)

Director: Toyoo Ashida

Vampire Hunter D 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Set in the distant future, the world is bleak for the  remaining humans, who inhabit a vast wasteland and spend a majority of their time trying to deal with demonic beings and  supernatural creatures.

A young woman called Doris is bitten by a vampire and hires a skilled swordsman known simply as D to hunt him down. When D who is part vampire himself rides into the Counts lair on his Mechanical  horse, things get pretty messy.


Appleseed (1988)

Director: Kazuyoshi Katayama

Appleseed (1988) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Appleseed is set after World War 3 has ended, where an experimental city known as Olympus has been created. Olympus was meant to be a utopian city, but for some, it feels more like a prison. Policewoman Deunan and her cyborg partner Briaros try to stop terrorists from taking over their city. As they fight to stop the terrorists and preserve their city, the question of who is actually in the right, their society, or the terrorists?


Wicked City (1987)

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

Wicked City (1987) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

In this classic anime, there is Earth, and then there is a parallel dimension called the Black World. A peace treaty has been in effect for hundreds of years to prevent a war between these worlds. Although it’s set to be renewed, evil forces want to make sure that doesn’t happen. To ensure it does, Taki a black guard agent from our world and Makie a black guard agent from the black world have a mission is to protected an old man named Giuseppi Mayart a from a militant faction called the Radicals that will stop at nothing to prevent the signing of a new treaty for inter-dimensional peace.


Demon City (1988)

Director:  Yoshiaki Kawajiri

Demon City (1988) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must WatchKyoya’s father was a great warrior, killed at the hands of a psychic swordsman, Rebi Ra, who has now opened a portal to hell in the city of Shinjuku. Rebi Ra has allowed himself to be possessed in order to gain powers, and plans to summon demons to conquer the world. However. But Rebi Ra is unaware that Kyoya has inherited his father’s powers and more, it is now down to Kyoya to seek revenge for his father’s death, protect the girl and save the world.


Fist of the North Star (1986)

Director: Toyoo Ashida

Fist of the North Star (1986) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Set after a global scale nuclear war , the world is now a radioactive wasteland, the survivors are left to fight over the few uncontaminated supplies that still remain. But a . A man named Kenshiro, a master of the deadly martial art Hokuto Shinken, the fist of the North Star has risen from the ashes.  Ken is the only man who will defeat those who would torment the weak and make the world a better place once more.

Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie (1994) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

As the name says, this is based on the popular fighting game.Where Shadowlaw—an underground organization bent on world domination through drug smuggling, illegal weapons distribution and terrorism.  Led by mysterious M. Bison (Vega in the Japanese version), Shadowlaw hopes to increase their power by recruiting the world’s greatest street fighters. Our main protagonist Ryu is number one on their list, in order lure Ryu, Bison abducts his best friend, Ken Masters, and uses him as bait. Interpol agent Chun-Li and U.S. Air Force pilot Guile team up to get to Ryu before Bison does and continues his reign of terror.


Ninja Scroll (1993)

Director:  Yoshiaki Kawajiri

Ninja Scroll (1993) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Jubei, a highly skilled ninja and hired assassin. During his travels, he rescues a ninja woman called Kagero from a monster which in turn starts a chain of events that puts his life in constant danger. By killing this monster he must face off against an organization of demonic ninjas known as the Eight Devils of Kimon. The Devils are plotting to take power of Japan’s government and will stop at nothing, annihilating entire villages and killing anyone who gets in their way. Now, only Jubei and Kagero can stop them.


Akira (1988)

Director: Katsuhiro Ôtomo

Akira (1988) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Based on the manga of the same name, this anime is located in a futuristic Neo-Tokyo where biker gangs rampage through the city. Where a top-secret military experiment, a child with psychic powers breaks free from custody and accidentally gets one of these motorcycle gang members Tetsuo involved. This event triggers psychic powers within Tetsuo, where he is taken by the military to be experimented on. As Tetsuos powers grow, the more disturbed he becomes, altering his mind, leaving him seeking revenge on those that once thought him weak.


Ghost in the Shell (1995)

Director:  Mamoru Oshii

Ghost in the Shell (1995) 10 Classic Anime Movies Fans Must Watch

Set in the future, the world is interconnected by a vast network (like the internet) that is integrated into every aspect of life. Humanity has access to this network through cybernetic implants, or “shells”, which possess their consciousness and can give them superhuman strength and agility. The story follows the hunt for a mysterious hacker known as the Puppet Master by an elite public-security agency,  Section 9. Major Motoko Kusanagi with the assistance of her team,  tracks and finds their suspect, only to be caught up into a political cover-up as to the identity and goals of this mysterious Puppet Master.

Thanks for reading my review of classic anime movies, what did you think? Are there any I missed that you thought should have made the list? Let me know in the comments below. If you have a chance, please check out my New Youtube channel Hyperdrive.

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